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Journey, micro project for Room13, 2018

Working with Room13 in Caol, I ran a project over a series of 3 days for 10 primary school children.
Day one we walked along Caol beach to collect items, and came back to work on ideas in the studio.
Day two we started in the studio with a recap looking at our work, and then took this work around the building to see how it changed in different locations. They had the chance then to develop their work further in the studio.
Day 3 they each selected their favourite item or piece of work they had made and we walked up to Outlandia in Glen Nevis, documenting the work in its new enironment. They also had the chance to respond directly to this new place and make work in situ.

The idea was to educate the children on how they might carry their creative ideas forward; to not focus solely on a 'finished' piece, but to focus on how they might carry their ideas to the next place. The physical act of walking provided us with a metaphor for taking their ideas on a journey.

You can find a write up about this project in the Nevis Landscape Partnership Journal here.

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